émission du 21-02-2013

(flatbush zombies)

artiste   titre   album   label   année
ghostpoet finished i ain’t peanut butter blues and melancholy jam brownswood rec. 2011
the underachievers so devilish indigoism brainfeeder 2013
la gale fantomes froid v2.0 s/t vitesse rec. 2012
rza & flatbush zombies just blowin’ in the wind the man with the irons fists soundtrack soul temple entertainment 2012

father murphy   how we end up with feelings of guilt   anyway your children will deny it   aagoo rec.   2012
bonnie prince billie   time to be clear   wolfroy goes to town   drag city   2011
ô paon   la cible   courses   o paon rec.   2010
father murphy   how we end up with feelings of guilt (happy new year remix)   anyway your children will deny it remix   aagoo rec.   2013
vizusa   fair hesperides   s/t   seres   2008
prick decay   white star guts   stdees fr postl orgees vol.2   chocolate monk   1999
steven parrino   helen fordsdale   electrophilia/shock wave troop   circuit   2002

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