émission du 03-11-11 (spéciale jim o'rourke)

Emission 031111 by user8427932

artiste   titre   album   label   année
jim o’rourke   oscillators and guitars
jim o’rourke/günter müller   now all seen heard then forgotten   slow motion   for 4 ears rec.   1994
jim o’rourke   get a room   insignificance   drag city   2001
fire! w/jim o’rourke are you both still unreleased unreleased? rune grammofon 2001
jim o’rourke hold these goddamn chickens some kind of pagan sound of pig 1989
gastr del sol   dictionary of handwriting   mirror repair   drag city   1992
jim o’rourke   eureka   eureka   drag city   1999
jim o’rourke   and i’m singing   i’m happy, i’m singing and 1,2,3,4   mego   2001
riot beat radioshow   lard   power of lard ep radio edit

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