émission du 18-11-10

Emission 18-11-10 by user1932154

Artiste   morceau   album   label    année
Eumir Deodato   caravan/Watusi   Strutt First   Cuckoo   MCA   1975
Dog Lady   Abondment   Take heart, the night is over    Chocolate Monk   2010
Kevin Drumm and Tom Smith   Mud Keeps Lifting Me Higher (extrait)   KSV   2010
                         + RRR 500     rrrecords    1998
                         + RRR 1000    rrrecords    2009
Boredoms    acid police   chocolate synthetiser    WEA   1994
Dr Octagon    blue flowers    Dr Octagonecologyst  bulk rec.    1996
Au Revoir Simone    Only You Can Make You Happy   Still Night, Still Light   moshi moshi rec.   2009
Mephitick Ooze   gathering for the ritual   s/t   A land of tuh!   2010

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